An account tweeting exactly the same thing that Trump has been suspended at the end of three days

A Twitter account parody of reproducing faithfully all of the tweets of the President of the United States Donald Trump, has been suspended after three days of activity just.

An experience to say the least, interesting. @SuspendThePres, a Twitter account parody of reproducing faithfully all of the tweets of the President of the United States Donald Trump and spotted by Mashable, has been suspended after three days of activity just. To understand why this new, seemingly insignificant fact, sometimes smile, and sometimes cringe, you have to remember the very close relationship of the american President to the social networks, and especially Twitter. Donald Trump has shown in the field right from the first days of his presidency, refusing to use the official account of the function (@POTUS) for the benefit of his personal account. And those who expected to see it settle down after being sworn in were quickly disillusioned. Twitter has become the preferred communication channel of the Trump, and he drinks it daily in his thread of tweets often very vociferous, sometimes really questionable.

So questionable, in fact, that he is regularly accused of violating the rules of use of the platform with the promotion of messages of hate, or questionable sources. Many internet users, exasperated by the so-called impunity that it would provide the platform to compete verve to request that the account be suspended as it would be the case for a regular user.

It is precisely for this reason that @SuspendThePres, presented as a” social experiment” was launched in this crusade : in retweetant all the messages of Trump, he or she expected of course to be sanctioned by Tweet on the basis of the content of these tweets. The objective : to draw attention to the preferential treatment which would supposedly Donald Trump.

And the result did not wait : just three days after the beginning of this small experiment, the small blue bird fell into the trap and the account has been suspended.

This penalty will certainly reinforce @SuspendThePres, who has already announced that the experiment continued. What is certain is that this case, failure to be catastrophic, actually holds the stone in the shoe for Twitter. Not easy to put in place a coherent policy on a platform when she became the outlet of choice of one of the most powerful men in the world… and some take a perverse pleasure to point the finger at the inconsistencies in the network.

This is all the more true that Twitter had attracted the ire of Trump, by affixing a warning fact-checking on one of his tweets. Necessarily, it is not made to beg for come and rant on the platform, accusing it ofinterfering with elections’ and ‘damage to the freedom of expression.’

Twitter will he react to this suspension? It is very unlikely. Will he be able to suspend the account of Donald Trump ? Even more difficult to imagine. This story has at least the merit of illustrating the complexity of moderating a platform as popular in the era of fake news, to use his favourite expression.

A japanese city wants to penalize the use of the telephone by pedestrians

In Yamato, Japan, and telephone use by pedestrians will soon be banned. If no penalties are provided for violators, the authorities rely on this ban to raise the awareness of the population.

Credits : Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

If you use the phone while driving is liable to a fine, its use for pedestrians is tolerated in France, as elsewhere. However, the number of accidents related to this practice continues to increase. In 2014, a study conducted by the mobile operator in japan, NTT DoComo estimated that the field of view of a pedestrian was reduced by 95 % when he used his phone. On Monday, the city Council of the Yamato has proposed a new law to curb the phenomenon. This new measure prohibits the use of the smartphone in the street. “This will be the first ban of its kind in Japan,” says a member of the local administration to the AFP. If no fine or sanction is provided for by the text, they hope that this ban will help to make citizens aware of the danger of the smartphones in the public space. For the moment, the new law has not been adopted.

This is not the first time that such a measure is envisaged by the local authorities. In Sassari, in Sardinia, the use of the phone in the street is objectionable since October 2018. Any offender is liable to a fine of 22 euros, Hawaii, the note amounted to 15 dollars, but increases quickly in case of recurrence. According to a study conducted by YouGov for Ford in 2019, 60 % of pedestrian French interviewed entrust to use their phone when they walk on the sidewalks or through crosswalks. An increase of 15 % compared to 2015. Last year, 475 pedestrians have been killed in a road accident in highways, according to the observatory of the national inter-ministerial road safety. It does, however, not the percentage of accidents related to the use of smartphones. In France, it is the prevention that is adopted by the road safety and, for the moment, no French metropolis did not envisage the use of fines tariff to curb this practice.

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Netflix, Amazon and Disney are supporting the movement Black Lives Matter

This is a first for Hollywood. Many giants of the film industry have expressed their support for the movement Black Lives Matter on Twitter. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, and Starz media have released a message of support after the death of George Floyd.

Credits : Vince Fleming on Unsplash

To be silent is to be complicit. Black lives matter. We have a platform, and we owe it to our members, employees, and creators of black talk.” Netflix has for the first time in its history displayed clearly his support for the movement Black Lives Matter. Born on Twitter in 2013, the hashtag surfaced after the death of George Floyd occurred a few days ago in the united States. This black man of 46 years has been choked during an arrest in Minneapolis. Quickly, the giants of the industry film have joined their voice to support the movement. “Together, we support the black community. Colleagues, artists, writers, storytellers, producers and our viewers are allies in the struggle against racism and injustice” published Amazon Studios on his Twitter account. Quickly, the two platforms, SVOD are joined by many in the industry like Paramount and HBO. In addition to his publications on social networks, and emails were sent to employees of its firms, we learn in an article from Variety.

CBS explains in a letter to its employees “in the future, for 8 minutes, and 46 seconds, our platforms will become black in tribute to George Floyd and other victims of racism. We will launch a call to action, encouraging our audience to get involved and to contribute to find solutions with our partner Color of Change. In the coming weeks, you will be invited to discuss with us on how we can use our brand and our platform for change ”. But among all his statements, not unanimously. Disney has released a statement on his social networks and it is immediately attracted the ire of the internet users. If the firm shows its support to the community, some point out that it has not always been the case. In 2015, the actor John Boyega had just been cleared of posters chinese of Star Wars. Disney had indicated that the character, yet central in the plot, had been removed to give more space to a spacecraft and, in any case to minimize the importance of John Boyega.

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