The Voice 8 : a Pledge eliminated, the emotion of Soprano, Leona Winter tears

The direct continue ! Saturday 25 may 2019, the French channel TF1, which was broadcasting the second bonus of The Voice 8. After taking their marks last Saturday, the Talent of the coaches squaring off for the second time live. The candidates have to redouble our efforts to convince Jenifer, Mika, Soprano, Julien Clerc , and the public. This evening has been marked by an outstanding performance from Taylor Swift, who has sung with Talent.

The show is thus open to the dynamic Shake It Up live with all the Talent. The american artist has also presented its new title, Me. This second bonus has closed with a performance of Jennifer, who performed a medley of her latest songs.


Poupie : Wannabe of the Spice Girls

Last week, the young woman once again showed his vocal power, singing Bang Bang in his own way. This Saturday, it was on Wannabe of the Spice Girls as Poupie has defended its place. A title to be dynamic like him. His performance also moving that amazing has delighted the jury. “What energy ! There is a soft side that I love deeply“, exclaimed Jenifer.

Sidoine : Wicked Game by Chris Isaak

Last Saturday, Sidoine had raised a hand and bet very dare : go back to The Marseillaise. A risk which has paid off since his coach had stressed its “elegance, who is not given to all“. He was even more surprised on Saturday with Wicked Game by Chris Isaak. He was able to show his beautiful vocal power, and given a powerful performance, praised by the jury. “With Sidoine are always surprises, I knew he was singing like that, “said Soprano.

Leona Winter : River deep, Mountain high by Tina Turner

The transformist had taken over Kid of Eddy de Pretto, a performance very moving, where she was able to show the extent of his vocal power. “Thou hast a voice, the most breathtaking of the season, “said Jenifer. It is on the Tina Tuner that Leona Winter once again showed that she was a true beast of scene ! A benefit explosive that highlighted her personality, an incredible scene. “One is in Las Vegas ! What a delight, a true performance, an absolute control… That voice !“, welcomed Jenifer.

The Talent of Jenifer chosen by the public is Sidoine. Between Poupie and Leona Winter, Jenifer has chosen Leona Winter. Poupie is therefore eliminated.


Gjon”s Tears : Rocket man Elton John

Last week, it is on S. O. S d’un terrien en distress of Daniel Balavoine that Gjon”s Tears had been proven. “You do flips and fireworks with your voice“, had entrusted her coach. This is the Elton John that Gjon’s Tear has proven this Saturday. A title that revealed the true him on stage where he was really able to engage the public. It has once more proved that he had a voice of gold. “Ugh what a talent ! What style !“, exclaimed Soprano. The young man was entitled to a standing-ovation of the jury !

Whitney : For you to love me still from Céline Dion

Only 19 years old, Whitney had impressed on Shallow Lady Gaga, showing the extent of her vocal power. “Tell yourself that tonight, you’re a star“, exclaimed Soprano. It has raised the bet dared to sing on For me you love me still from Céline Dion ! Whitney has taken over this immense tract, in his own way, showing once again that she was a true diva. “You have it all figured out ! You have very well sung, I find you very endearing, “said her coach. It was the first time she sang in French.

London Loko : Sally Carmel

This is Grenade by Clara Luciani that the London Loko had illuminated the bonus of the last week of his unique voice, playing this title with a lot of sensitivity. It is with Sally Carmel that Whitney has given a performance that is explosive and funky ! In a gown came straight from Gastby the beautiful, she lit up the stage of The Voice. “She has chosen the song that he had to, bravo !”, a delighted Julien Clerc.

The Talent of Mika, chosen by the public is Whitney. Between Londo Loko and Gjon’s Tear, Mika has chosen Gjon”s Tears. London Loko is therefore eliminated.


Clement : Since tu pars Jean-Jacques Goldman

It is on the huge Somebody to Love of Queen that Clement had proudly defended his place last week. For this second bonus, it is on As you go that the young Talent has moved the world. A song so moving that made him think of his father, who died three years ago. “I was afraid. He was aware of the song, and I said to myself ‘the emotion will take it he will block it He has been able to block that emotion, at the service of the song. It was the androide”, a summary of his coach, who hastened to take Clement in the arm.

Pledge : Freedom ! George Michael

Last Saturday, he had impressed everyone in the world took I promise you Johnny Hallyday. This Saturday, Gage regained Freedom !, a title that allows him to let go on stage and show the breadth of his talent for groove. “Here it is ! I wanted it to be fun, that it is in control of the audience and the song. He has shown that he is a“noted Soprano.

Vay : I am giant Calvin Harris and Rag’not Bone Man

It is on of the Jacques Brel that Vay had saved his skin, giving a performance very moving. This Saturday, he has chosen a title electro for this service feel-good. A song that also allowed him to reveal his gravelly voice. “Every day, it is discovered ! We are in the process of seeing him grow up. It is beautiful to see these young people who are trying to carve their stones to be able to show a diamond to the people“, has métaphoré Soprano.

The Talent of Soprano chosen by the public is forgiving. Between Gage and Vay, Soprano chose Vay. Gage is eliminated.


Leonardo : Goodbye Marilou Michel Polnareff

Last week, Leonard had assured his place in taking Fever of Peggy Lee. A challenge that has highlighted its authenticity. This Saturday, he surprised everyone by revisiting Goodbye Marilou. Leonardo has once again shown the power of voice, which is mounted very high in the treble. “He showed that he had a head voice ! It took the technical, and he has had it, “said Julien Clerc. “One of the finest performances of the evening, “stressed Mika.

Pierre Danaë : Hey Jude by the Beatles

It is on Little Marie by Francis Cabrel that he had defended his place last Saturday. The provision was hailed by his coach. It is from the public that the young man has started his performance this Saturday night, forcing the coaches to get up from their armchairs ! A superb performance on this cover of the Beatles, moving and catchy it was hailed by the jury. “It was great ! He did it his way, “smiled his coach.

Laureen : My vieux Daniel Guichard

Taking Your Fishing to Hoshi, Laureen proved last Saturday that it had its place in the talent show. She chose this evening My old Daniel Guichard, a song that reminds her of her dad. She once again showed her powerful voice and hoarse. Hat on the head, Lauren was thrilled with the jury. “It was the right song, she really sang, it was beautiful“, complimented Julien Clerc.

The Talent of Julien Clerc chosen by the public is Leonardo. Between Pierre Danae and Laureen, Julien Clerc has chosen Pierre Danae. Laureen is therefore eliminated.

Summary of the teams at the end of the premium :

Team Jenifer : Leona Winter and Sidoine.

Team Mika : Gjon”s Tears and Whitney.

Team Soprano : Vay and Clement.

Team of Julien Clerc : Pierre Danae and Leonard.

Specials : AirPods to 152 €, iPad Pro, 11″ to 788 € instead of 899 €

It is not often that it happens, the AirPods first generation are 152,59 €, sold directly by Amazon. This is almost the best price of the sign, which is never fallen to less than 150 € on this product. And yet, it happened very briefly at the beginning of the month.

Also noticed, the last iPad Pro 11″ Wi-Fi and 64 Gb (silver) to 788,41 € (899 € on the Apple Store) and the stock is limited. In mid-April, Amazon went up to 738 €, but it only lasted 48 hours.

Bella Hadid : Topless after bath, she delights diners with a number of charm

Before its number of charming Instagram, Bella Hadid, had provoked an outburst of fervour at the Cannes film Festival. The little sister of Gigi Hadid was presented two times on the red carpet of the Palais des Festivals, on the evening of the red carpet movies Rocketman (the biopic dedicated to Elton John, the out-of-competition) and Pain and glory, a production of Pedro Almodovar with Antonio Banderas, in competition.

Bella Hadid has also been at the centre of controversy. Many internet users have expressed their discontent following his appearance in a new advertising campaign for Calvin Klein. Bella embrace a influenceuse virtual, Lil Miquela. Their kiss is criticised because it glamourise, according to them, female homosexuality and to stoke the fantasy male, without any support publicly announced the cause of the LGBT community.

Complete list of Cannes film Festival 2019 : The happy winners in pictures

The Cannes film Festival in 2019 has dropped its curtain, this Saturday, may 25, 2019. The closing ceremony hosted by the inescapable Edouard Baer unveiled the list of winners of the 72nd edition. The prestigious Palme d’or, chosen by the jury chaired by Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu has been given to the film Parasite, the South-Korean Bong Joon-Ho, it is the successor to A family Business, Hirokazu Kore-eda.

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Complete list of 72nd Cannes film Festival

Palme d’or : Parasite of Bong Joon-Ho

Special Mention : It Must Be Heaven to Elia Suleiman

Grand jury Prize : Atlantic, Mati Diop

Prix de la mise en scene : The Young Ahmed, of the Dardenne brothers

Price scenario : Portrait of the girl on fire by Céline Sciamma

Best actress : Emily Beecham in Little Joe

Best actor : Antonio Banderas in the movie Pain and Glory

Jury prize (ex aequo) : Les Misérables, Ladj Ly / Bacurau of Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliano Dornelles

Palme d’or-short film : The Distance Between Us And The Sky of Vasilis Kekatos

Camera d’or : Nuestras Madres de César Díaz

Jenifer : In pajamas in The Voice, a look passed

If this is not his voice that is the note on the premiums, it is by its various outfits that the coach Jenifer attracts all eyes ! Greenhouses-head of pearls and crystals, Miu Miu, shoes Alexandre Vauthier or dresses Balenciaga,… the beautiful brunette has taste and doesn’t hesitate to show it. From singer to influenceuse mode, there is only a step. Or rather, what a bonus !

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For the show The Voice this evening, Jenifer chooses before all the comforts to advise his team of talents. We knew the trend sleepwear (or “pajamas”) to the mode, and the coach Jenifer was not deceived. And for Jenifer, fashion is sacred ! The price of this set sleepwear brand Boys Infidels is estimated at 1000 euros.

Compounds of tiles, red and grey, the shirt is at the price of 515 euros, and the pants just 385 euros. This is the account Instagram Jenmode that allows you to discover all the outfits for Jenifer in its various representations. A choice of dress that could once again create the buzz around the lovely Jenifer. To accompany this ensemble, she chose shoes black varnish very sexy as well as a hair style ponytail low single.

If some regret the high price outfits Jenifer in premiums, most of these clothes are loaned by the production. In all cases, our singer Jenifer does not have to be ashamed to know to combine elegance and glamour in each of its appearances.

Virginie Efira, Antonio Banderas, Sylvester Stallone… In love at the end of the Cannes film

This may 25, 2019 was the last climb of the stairs with the presentation “Last meeting” of the new creation of Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache, Outside the norm with Vincent Cassel and Reda Kateb. Indeed, the 72nd Cannes film Festival, is completed and has been preceded by a red carpet, very glamorous, trodden by those who were going to put a price, win or not… In fact, If we could believe that this would be the big night for Virginia Efira the beautiful and talented belgian actress acclaimed in Sibyl will go back home empty-handed, as his film that has not been cited in the top. One can be certain, however, that the star, perfect in her business suit with shoes that have not played tricks this time, will keep a sweet memory of his visit to Cannes. Because it is an adventure that she shared with filmmaker Justine Triet, who had become her friend since the filming of Victoria, and with her lover and partner in the feature film, Niels Schneider. They were always so charming on the red carpet final in cannes.

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Other couples have rocked the red carpet of the last session of the Festival : Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin – also accompanied by their daughter Sistine –, the victorious Antonio Banderas (Pain and Glory) and Nicole Kimpel, Vincent Elbaz and Fanny Conquy, Gael Garcia Bernal and Fernanda Aragones, Quentin Tarantino who left empty-handed too but in the arms of his beautiful Daniella Pick… love spread out on the red carpet !

Catherine Deneuve, who was awarded the Palme d’or at the Parasite of Bong Joon-Ho, has climbed the steps not far from her daughter Chiara Mastroianni, who came to deliver a special mention at the ceremony. Very elegant and also dressed in a tuxedo, she won the day before the performance award of the un certain regard section for Room 212. Géraldine Nakache has backed his big brother, Olivier, Céline Sallette, pregnant, was radiant, just like Valérie Donzelli, Laetitia Dosch and Stacy Martins. Very enthusiastic, Jean-Hugues Anglade has not hide his happiness to be on the Croisette, in the image ofAnne-Elisabeth Lemoine , or even the member of the jury, Elle Fanning.

The Voice 8 – Leona Winter love of Lorenzo : pictures and confidences

Leona Winter is one of the favourites of The Voice 8. Since the beginning of the adventure, she has fascinated the jury with his voice, but also its history. A journey that she tells our colleagues of the Gala, the opportunity to evoke her husband and manager Lorenzo.

In the belly of my mother, I was listening to the Celine Dion, “says the one who is actually Remy. From an early age, the young Frenchman of Spanish origin likes to sing, dress up and show off. When his dad asks him to do a sports activity, so it chooses the dance. The following year, he took singing lessons and her teacher is none other than Lorenzo. It is from the age of 12 years that he has questions about his sexuality. “Suddenly, I was no longer very comfortable. Male, female, I was a bit lost, “says the young man, 24 years of age. It was not until two years later that he realizes that he is fascinated by the grace and the beauty of women and that he is attracted to men.

In the learner, his mom responds well. His dad however was a little more difficult. At 16 years old, Remy is leaving the school to start a career in the arts. It also holds a bar with Lorenzo – who became her partner, in Spain. And, on the eve of the inauguration of the institution, its man asks him if he wants to “put in the woman“. It was on August 16, 2012, and Leona Winter was born. She makes a spectacle of Europe and is identified to participate in Miss Europe Continental, an election that she won. Following her win, she makes a nice tribute to Lorenzo, without whom it would not be here today. “I want to say to Lorenzo Backstage Werner that if I came here today, it is thanks to him. Thank you for your help, thank you for your support, thank you for your professionalism, thank you for your warmth, thank you for your love. Thank you for being there just. I love you“, she wrote on Instagram on September 5, 2017.

Leona then completed a sixth of the contest Miss Continental, and participates in the tele-chilean reality The Switch 2. Its course is of interest to the casteur of The Voice , who offered him to participate in season 8. It impresses with her cover of The Voice, of Malena Ernman and joined the team of Jenifer. It passes with flying colors the test of the K. O. and battles. And, during the first prime, she is saved by the public. Remains to be seen whether she will shine once again by his talent, this Saturday, may 25, 2019.

Cannes 2019 : Catherine Deneuve presents the Palme d’or, Antonio Banderas sacred

The 72nd edition of the Cannes film Festival ends this may 25, 2019 with the Last Session, that is to say, as a closing film, the film is not up to standard of Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano, with Vincent Cassel and Reda Kateb. The ceremony starts with the memorable images of this year to 2019, with the Palm of honor given to Alain Delon, the standing ovation for Claude Lelouch and his film The best Years of one’s life, as well as a slew of beautiful images of red carpets.

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Edouard Baer houses the enthusiastic audience : “it is finished, the end of the session. It is time to recognize, who among us has been touched by the eroticism of sulphur by Abdellatif Kechiche ( … ), which has been upset by the diary of Pain and Glory, who has been taken to a full shock by the film Ladj Ly as me. (…) And then for a moment all his films will remain behind us. Farewell, controversy, heart stroke, without opinion, goodbye talent, bow tie. (…) That’s it that one seeks the emotion, otherwise it is a long life, without emotion.

The announcer quickly adds with the Palme d’or-short film for The Distance Between Us And The Sky of Vasilis Kekatos and was presented by Claire Denis, president of the jury for the Cinéfondation and Nadine Labaki, president of the jury for un certain regard. Valeria Bruni Tedeschi and Rithy Pahn, president of the jury of the golden Camera, hand over the famous trophy for the best first film in the cannes selection in Nuestras Madres de César Díaz.

Between the stage for the jury of the official selection, led by president Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu, director of Babel, or The Revenant : Elle Fanning, Kelly Reichardt, Maimouna n’diaye, Alice Rohrwacher, Enki Bilal, Yorgos Lanthimos, Robin Campillo and Pawel Pawlikowski. “It was a great honour to represent the jury, thank you very much”, said the president. A special mention is awarded by Chiara Mastroianni (prix d’interprétation un certain regard for Room 212) and returns to It Must Be Heaven to Elia Suleiman. The price of the scenario is made by the charismatic Gael Garcia Bernal in the film : Portrait of the girl on fire by Céline Sciamma. What delight his actresses Noémie Merlant and Adèle Haenel, who is also his wife.

On the music You women…, Reda Kateb delivers the best actress to Emily Beecham for Little Joe to be taken that frustrate the predictions for Virginia Efira (Sibyl). The handsome Viggo Mortensen arrives on scene and speaks French to pay homage to Agnes Varda and his love for cinema and life. “To make good cinema, it is not necessary to show but want to see“, she said the time of a trip. It is on this sentence that the actor delivers the price of the staging, to the Dardenne brothers for The Young Ahmed. “We wanted to make this film an ode to life (…) a call to life, the difference, which is also the vocation of the cinema,” claimed the duo, who will highlight the performance of the young actor, Idir Ben Addi.

Michael Moore, winner of the golden Palm in 2004 for Fahrenheit 9/11, presents the jury prize ex aequo to The Wretched of Ladj Ly and Bacurau of Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliano Dornelles. For the male interpretation award, this is Zhang Ziyi, who has been chosen, it is celebrating its twenty years (!) career. She hands it to Antonio Banderas for his performance in Pain and glory of Pedro Almodovar , who does not know whether to speak in French, English or Spanish : “This is a prize for which I am very grateful, in my name, but also for my character, which is Pedro Almodovar. I met him forty years ago, I respect him, I admire him, I love him. I gave so much all my life that this award must be dedicated. When Sylvester Stallone arrives on the Rocky theme, it ignites the room. It is he who delivers the Grand jury Prize at Atlantic Mati Diop, particularly moved by his trophy. Etincelante, Catherine Deneuve presents the Palme d’or with the jury president Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu. The latter declares : “The decision we’ve made has been absolutely unanimous.” He then announces the ultimate prize in the film Parasite of the South-Korean Bong Joon-Ho ! It is the successor to A family business of Hirokazu Kore-eda.

The new art installation by JR to explore with the iPhone

The latest art installation by JR has had the honor of a spotlight of Tim Cook — the Apple boss and the French artist, know each other, they had seen the beginning of 2017 during the visit of the CEO in France. JR has designed a mural, ” The Chronicles of San Francisco “, exhibited at the museum of modern art of the city.

This fresco has several peculiarities. Each of the 1 200 people who are present there is a movement ; each also has a story to tell, that of his life, a commitment or an anecdote. To listen to this story, it is necessary to download a free app, JR:murals, and then point the camera of the iPhone to a person present in the fresco or in the book accompanying the exhibition to learn more about it.

Not need to be on-site to take advantage of this facility and of the application : the picture is on the web site of the exhibition is enough, or even just the photo of the fresco above.

The same device was also used on a cover of Time magazine last October, devoted to the debate on firearms in the United States. The application allows you to download the fresco that was used in the illustration and listen to the words of the 245 responders. Without the need of the magazine in front of him.

Spice Girls : Problems, techniques and dresses crazy… the tour is launched

If the returns are mostly positive, many spectators were very dissatisfied with the quality of the sound. The british media speak of a “horrible sound” that would have spoiled a part of the show.

But do not panic for the upcoming concerts. The criticisms have not gone unnoticed. In the evening Mel B has posted a story on Instagram to tell her fans that she hoped that the sound problems will be a distant memory for their next show, scheduled for may 27, next to Cardiff.

This tour event will have 13 concerts, and continues until 15 June. The 4 Spice Girls seemed to go crazy on stage in Dublin for their comeback. It must be said that this tour will bring them big…