WHO says smokers more at risk of severe forms of Covid-19

The pandemic of sars coronavirus, who is still active in 187 countries, has affected nearly 4.2 million people in a few months, of which about 300,000 died. The smoking, for its part, makes more than 8 million victims each year in the world. According to the world health Organization (WHO), more than 7 million of these deaths are caused by the consumption of tobacco directly, and 1.2 million by the passive smoking.

These figures don’t inspire confidence do fear the worst when they are presented side by side. Many scientists have tried to understand the link between smoking and virus infection of the Covid-19. To settle the question, experts of health met on April 29, 2020, at the request of the WHO.

Tobacco weakens the lung function

After analyzing different studies, they concluded that the smokers are more at risk of contracting a severe form of the coronavirus that non-smokers. In fact, smoking is a known risk factor to worsen respiratory diseases. And the Covid-19 is a disease that affects mainly the lungs. “Smoking weakens the lung function, making the body less resistant to coronavirus and other pathogens,” explains the WHO.

Smoking is also linked to other diseases like cardiovascular disease, the cancer, respiratory ailments and diabetes. When a person is already suffering from a chronic pathology, it is more at risk of developing a severe form of the coronavirus.

No protective effect of nicotine

The Institution also encourages caution with regard to “allegations not substantiated according to which the tobacco or the nicotine may reduce the risk of Covid-19.” The information available for the time being are insufficient to suggest any form of prevention or treatment.

Smokers are invited to takemeasures to quitthrough support services by phone, internet or text messages, and nicotine replacement therapies. After two to twelve weeks off, the lung function increases, and after one to nine months of stopping, coughing and shortness of breath decrease. Enough to put all the chances on his side in the event of a new wave of virus outbreak.

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Death of George Floyd: the three other police officers are accused

The other three police officers involved in the arrest that led to the death of George Floyd facing charges, according to senator Amy Klobouchar

The police officer Derek Chauvin will also be in the face of a head of murder in the second degree.

More details to come.

Meghan Markle victim of racism : an older video re-emerges

This video has already been eight years, and unfortunately, it sticks still in the news. Even before you meet the prince Harry and become the duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle was an actress involved in a number of areas such as the fight against poverty, the cause of the animal or even the gender. In 2012, when she played in the hit series Suits, the U.s. has also campaigned against the racism of the time of a campaign with the organization’s Erase the Hate.

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I’m métis. Most of the people do not come to identify my origins, and a large part of my life, I have had the feeling of being invisible. Therefore, some of the insults that I heard about, or the jokes very offensive, nicknames, it moved me very strongly, she said in a video clip. You know, a few years ago, I heard someone treat my mother to ‘nigger’. So, for me, beyond being personally affected by racism, by seeing just what it looks like our country today, and certainly the world, I hope that things will improve.” Meghan Markle was born of a mother african-american, Doria Ragland, of whom she is very close, and a white father, Thomas Markle, with whom she is in the cold since her royal wedding to may 2018.

Cyril Descours (Fear on the base) : Zoom in on the darling of Alessandra Martines…

Actor in the tv movie Fear on the basis circulated on 3 June 2020 on France 2, Cyril Descours is a face that counted in the French audiovisual. 36-year-old, who is the city’s assistant since 2008 to the actress and dancer Alessandra Martines (former member of the first two seasons of Dancing with the stars), 20 years his senior, was out at the cinema, on tv and in the theatre.

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Cyril Descours spent his youth in London before moving to Paris and enroll at the cours Florent from 1999. A few years later, he entered the conservatory of dramatic art and then became a member of the theatre Company, Not of the gods in 2005. He won his first role in the theatre in the play The Trojan war will not take place by Jean Giraudoux. In 2000, he arrives at the cinema in the short film The Day of grace of Jerome Hall. It is found by the following with Miou-Miou, Michel Blanc and Mélanie Doutey in Accomplices (2009), Frédéric Mermoud, with Gilbert Melki and Emmanuelle Devos, A small area of turbulence (2010) by Alfred Lot, moving in athlete non-seeing guided by Rachida Brakni in The straight Line (2011) Régis Wargnier, or even in the company of Nathalie Baye and Laura Smet in The Guardians (2017) by Xavier Beauvois.

The encounter with “his” queen…

On the television front, he was spotted by the viewers in the movie based on the novel by Patrick Poivre d’arvor The Child of the dawn in 2001, before report a few years later in another telefilm marking, The Case of Christian Ranucci : the struggle of a mother (2007), Denys Granier-Deferre and worn by Catherine Frot, and in the first season of Clara Sheller. In 2009, the public sees play Louis XVI in the movie the Queen and The Cardinal of Marc River, on the set of which he met, in the previous year, Alessandra Martines, who played Anne of Austria. Since then, we have reviewed Cyril Descours to the side of Gaëlle Bona in A woman in the Revolution (2013) and the End of The night (2017), with Nicole Garcia and Louise Bourgoin.

Small and big screen, boards… The palette is complete with a appearance chic in a campaign for Lancôme, playing in 2011 (attractive) boyfriend ofEmma Watson in the advertisement of the fragrance Midnight Rose, as well as in a series of american historical, John Adams. Polyglot (he speaks French, English, German, Italian and Spanish), Cyril is also gifted in several sports since he is a black belt in karate, but also practice the swimming, tennis, roller-skating, snowboarding and horse riding.

Father of Hugo (7 years old, born of his relationship with Alessandra Martines), he is also the father-in-law of Stella (21 years old), the girl that Alessandra Martines has had with the filmmaker, Claude Lelouch). Questioned about Cyril in the magazine Vanity Fair in 2012, Alessandra wrote : “The age has no influence on the viability of a couple. Love is like the lottery.” Cyril, a true winning ticket for the actress, who seems to be happier and more fulfilled than ever with his charming companion.

Carole Baskin, she killed her husband ? His testament will be examined “100% fraudulent”

The more we advance into Tiger King, the more you realize that none of the protagonists is not of sound mind. Even Carole Baskin (58 years), who started Big Cat Rescue and says to save the big cats, would not be what it claims to, since he is accused of having orchestrated the disappearance of her wealthy husband. The sworn enemy of Joe Exotic is also suspected of having forged his will, Don Lewis does not have legally nothing bequeathed to his children.

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Since the broadcast of the series-documentary, the investigation on the death of Don Lewis has been re-opened. Tuesday, 2 June 2020, two different experts were of the view that the will was “fraudulent 100%“, as announced by the sheriff of the county of Hillsborough (Florida).

“This is what we knew before. (…) It is a problem of dates, because the procedures have expired. The will has already been executed, “said Chad Chronister, the sheriff, at the microphone of CBS. For him, this is the only reason for which no action has yet been instituted. “There is no appeal. The judge considered valid, that the will was executed, the diversion of funds is another thing. But from a crime perspective, we can’t continue because of time limits“, he detailed.

This new expertise makes, however, a glimmer of hope for the family of Don Lewis, he adds,”another element of suspicion” about the mysterious disappearance of a multimillionaire.

Don Lewis disappeared in 1997. In accordance with the law of Florida, he was declared dead five years after. Carole Baskin refutes today any role in the disappearance of her ex-husband.

Carole Baskin also comes from the direction of the former animal park for his rival, Joe Exotic. Today he is imprisoned for a sentence of 22 years, for, among others, hired a hitman to murder his enemy.

P. K. Subban gives $ 50,000 to the daughter of George Floyd

Already known for his great generosity, the famous hockey player P. K. Subban has made a gift of $ 50,000, in the context of a fundraising activity aimed at ensuring a better future for Gianna Floyd, the daughter of George.

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Better yet, Subban has contacted the leaders of the national hockey League and they have made the decision to lean against the offer of the defender of the New Jersey Devils.

“If you can, if you please, make a donation on the page of Gianna, wrote Subban, addressing the people attending his account Instagram. No matter what you can give, it is so appreciated!”

The page in question, on the site gofundme.com, has already raised approximately $ 800,000 on a goal of $ 1 million. Several other athletes have also contributed, including the football players-Mike Evans ($10,000) and Saquon Barkley (5000 $).

“The story remains the same : there is no justice, has also commented on Subban, alluding to the much publicized death of Floyd, an African-American, following his arrest by a police officer. It is necessary to ensure that justice is done. There must be change. We need everyone and all people look at our lives and see what we can do to change and do our part.”

An athlete generous

At the time he moved to the Montreal canadiens, Subban had made a gift of $ 10 million over seven years to the Montreal children’s Hospital, in September 2015. He continues to be involved in this, especially when it is passing in the quebec metropolis.

The hockey player, who had signed a contract of eight years and $ 72 million with the Habs in August 2014, shows once again the importance of giving back and doing his part in society.

*To access the page of Gianna Floyd*

Snapchat blames Trump to incite “racial violence” and stop the promotion of its publications

The social network Snapchat, which is very popular with young people, was accused Wednesday, Donald Trump is to incite “racial violence” and said no longer doing the promotion of his messages, said a spokesperson.

The message of the american president, however, remain visible to subscribers in their account and will appear when a user does a specific search.

“We’re not going to amplify voices that incite to racial violence and injustice in making their free promotion on Discover” the info thread of the network, said the company.

More details will follow…

Xiaomi prepares for the arrival of its Mi TV Stick in Europe

To compete with the Fire Tv Stick from Amazon, Xiaomi is going to launch its own device. In a video, the brand gives a brief overview of the Mi TV Stick, including the date of launch still remains a secret.

Credits : Xiaomi

Xiaomi prepares for the arrival of its Mi TV Stick. In a video presentation, in German, the firm gives a glimpse of her stick, which will compete against the Fire Stick TV Amazon. “I can’t tell you everything, but we are anxiously waiting for the Mi TV Stick for a better experience on the television,” explains Christian Klaud, communications manager for Xiaomi in Germany. Without giving more details, the firm unveiled the first images and gives some clues about the characteristics of the device that allows you to take advantage of the services of SVOD on tv. Thanks to the dedicated keys of the command, it will be possible to take advantage of access to Netflix and Amazon Prime, be subject to having a subscription to these services, of course. We can also very clearly see the Google button Wizard, which allows us to say that the device will be compatible with Android TV, as well as its predecessors. As the Mi Box, the device could take on board a SoC Amlogic S905, Y2, and a processor Cortex – A53. According to rumors, it will have a memory of 2 Gb and a storage space of 8 Gb. The charge will be visibly possible via a micro-USB port and the connection to the tv by HDMI. Compatibility, 4K could also be on the program of the product that will be sold at less than 50 euros. In comparison, the Fire TV stick from Amazon is offered for 39 euros in its basic version. It will, therefore, be expected that the note be even more competitive in Xiaomi.

[embedded content]

In the video, broadcast live on Youtube, the constructor also reveals a few images shot with the Mi10 pro. The first phone premium brand has been unveiled on April 7th and you can find our test here. Xiaomi has also given news of its expected revenue for the summer, as its new scooters. We don’t know for the moment, but the brand is expected to make an official announcement in the coming weeks.

Fire TV Stick | Basic Edition...

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Fire TV Stick | Basic Edition…

  • With Fire TV Stick Basic Edition, easy access to the content of Premium Video, Netflix and…
  • Fire TV Stick Basic Edition comes with a remote control allowing you to control and…
  • Simply plug your Fire TV Stick Basic Edition and start using it in a few…
  • Enjoy the streaming is fast and fluid with a quad-core processor, storage space…

The Lord of the rings : the actors gathered together for the first time since 2003

The fellowship of the ring was once again reunited… and for good cause. Sunday, may 31, 2020, the actors, the stars of the trilogy of Peter Jackson have spoken out about their shared past in an episode of the webseries Josh Gad’s Reunited Apart. The actor, singer, may have never participated in the films adapted from the books of J. R. R. Tolkien – it is known rather for having played The Fool in the version of live action of beauty and The Beast, or to be the original voice of Olaf in the two components of The snow Queen –, but he managed to regroup a good part of the cast, original by video, in full pandemic of the sars coronavirus.

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Fans of heroic fantasy have been able to find with a joy not concealed their former hero. Elijah Wood – Frodo Baggins –, Liv Tyler – Arwen –, Viggo Mortensen – Aragorn – Dominic Monaghan – Merry –, Orlando Bloom – Legolas –, Ian McKellen – Gandalf the grey, then the white, Sean Astin – Sam Gamgee –, Sean Bean – Boromir – and Billy Boyd – Pippin – for example, have responded. It was the first time since the year 2003, that they were all together. A golden opportunity to remind everyone of this little pattern that the majority is tattooed to complete the filming of the third film, the Return of The king : the number “nine” in the language of the elves, in reference to the nine members of the fellowship of the ring. “When I read it the wrong way, of course, it’s Gucci” has amused the mage legendary saga.

Vaccine anti-coronavirus : the encouraging results of an experimental vaccine american

The company of american biotechnology, Moderna, announced, Monday, may 18, that its experimental vaccine, mRNA-1273, had enabled them to generate antibodies in eight patients volunteers healthy. The us government would have invested with $ 483 million in the young company. But for the moment, there is no evidence that this vaccine is successful to neutralize the virus.

It is based on a technology called RNA messenger (which has not yet proven its effectiveness). It has been developed in partnership with the national Institute of infectious diseases (NIAID). But “Moderna was one of the first two to be injected into humans and its project of a vaccine, the march 16”, tells the AFP, which says that, to date, only 12 clinical trials have begun with human volunteers around the world.

Monday, may 18, in a press release, Moderna has been a part of the “data interim positive, collected during the initial phase of its clinical trials. At this stage of the experimentation, the vaccine would have triggered an immune response in eight patients in full health, similar to that observed in patients who have been naturally infected with the SARS-CoV-2 (at the origin of the disease Covid-19).

The first data “we suggest that mRNA-1273 has a high probability of creating a protection against the coronavirus,” said Stéphane Bancel, director-general of the French Moderna, during a conference call.

Very few side effects reported

The first phase of the trial included 45 participants, aged 18 to 55 years. Its main objective was to verify that the vaccine was not toxic. According to the american society, only minor side effects have been observed, such as redness at the injection site.

Three groups of 15 volunteers received three different doses of the vaccine, with a booster 28 days later. In the light of the initial results, the researchers plan to eliminate the highest dose for the following tests : “the more the dose is low, the more we can protect people,” explains the president of Moderna.

In addition, tests conducted on mice showed that the vaccine prevented the virus to replicate in their lungs.

Start-up of phase 2 of the clinical trial

The full results of the first phase are not yet known, and have not been peer-reviewed. However, the health emergency, the us Agency of drugs (FDA) has already given its green light to the company in the framework of an accelerated procedure in development.

The second phase of the trial will begin by June on 600 people,” said Stephen Hoge, president of Moderna. The most important phase, phase 3, is expected to begin in July. “The protocol is being finalized with the FDA”.

Manufacturing and distribution of the vaccine : the major challenges to come

Beyond the scientific feat, the emergence of a vaccine is mainly a challenge in terms of manufacturing and distribution of the precious serum. Billions of doses will probably be required in order to limit the resurgence worldwide of this coronavirus.

Many laboratories have therefore announced that they would begin to produce the necessary doses without waiting for the outcome of clinical trials. A risk-taking motivated by thehealth emergency, and largely funded by the States and large NGOS. Moderna, for example, has announced a partnership with the swiss company Lonza, specialized in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, in order to produce up to one billion doses per year.

Source : Le Figaro Sciences

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